The APRN® Corporation is a multi-state provider of ancillary health services. APRN® was initially started in 1959 as a private practice originally known as the American Physical Rehabilitation Network by two brothers, Richard and Thomas Leffler, physical therapists. Seeing a need for physical therapy services in small community hospitals and nursing homes that could not attract therapists and operate in a cost-effective manner, the practice was expanded to provide services through contractual agreements.

As the high degree of success of this "service under arrangement" became known among healthcare institutions, facilities outside the immediate area expressed interest and the practice soon encompassed a multi-state region. Respiratory therapy and home healthcare were added to the scope of services available through APRN® At the same time, the private clinic division of the corporation experienced a similar growth pattern. Today, APRN® provides a comprehensive line of ancillary services including Physical Rehabilitation, Respiratory Services, and Sleep Disorder Services.

Our Network, dba Balance and Mobility Therapy, Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers in Michigan, and Allied Medical Services in all other markets includes the divisions shown below. Select a logo to go to the respective website.